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In the last 4 years, more than US$ 2 Billion have been sent to Brazil by Brazilians who work abroad, according to data provided by the Brazilian Central Bank.

Studies carried out by the World Bank (BIRD) have shown that money transfers are often made informally due to high bank fees. In 2003 the amount of money sent reached US$ 5,2 Billions.

Hence, E-Frame partnering with financial institutions from the fluctuating tax market is launching a state-of-the-art methodology which allows the Money Transfer process by legal means to be extremely competitive in terms of cost.

The amount sent is instantly credited to the beneficiary's account at a significantly lower cost than that of the Money Transfer Market.

For a better view of this nation-wide strategic project which bears efforts made by the Central Bank to make Exchange operations performed by the parallel market legal, see below, some newspaper and magazine articles from the specialized media on the theme.

We are extremely convinced: besides being of great contribution for the social-economic development of the country it is na excellent business opportunity.

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